The Bridge connects local people and visitors alike to Stalybridge’s culture, heritage and creative opportunities.

What is The Bridge?
The Bridge links Stalybridge’s creative community to the support, opportunities and platforms they need to thrive. Our pledge is to bring people and ideas together to make Stalybridge a place we have designed together.  We want to create new memories and traditions, whilst celebrating what makes this place unique!
What do we do?
We will unlock imaginations and creativity whilst providing space for conversation, collaboration and co-production. We are the bridge between ideas, ambition, and making it happen!

Networks and Support
The Bridge’s Food and Drink and Creative Networks bring people together with shared values and interests to build capacity in cultural cooperation and production. The networks meet bi-monthly to discuss sector issues, offer support, advice and strategise on how to showcase and embed creativity into the town’s thoughts and actions. 

You can take part in our networks and conversations by joining our BAND groups:
The Living Room
The Bridge has established a living archive called The Living Room, a space to learn, browse, create and document the town’s past, current and future ideas and moments. From exploring a family gathering in the 1960’s to uploading your photographs from the recent Coronation events, The Living Room creates a digital legacy for all our personal and shared histories, giving all our stories equity and a place to live.

Spaces and Places for Creatives
Utilising empty buildings and hidden spaces, we will find ways to animate unloved spaces, empowering the local community to produce a series of creative responses through micro commissions and artist residencies. Interesting and thriving spaces encourage the movement, wellbeing and conversation that will create a sustainable Stalybridge for years to come.
A digital hub
We are utilising the In Tameside website as a space to bring together the creative community - to find each other and connect with like-minded people across the borough. You are invited to list events, find educational resources for the next generation of creatives and read and publish articles about creative practice and your ideas. All giving you a platform to tell your story your way.
Our toolkit is designed to give you more resources to create!
Who we are 
We are a group of local creative organisations and individuals who are passionate about the culture-led regeneration of Stalybridge. 

We connect people and places through art, research and creative action. We empower local communities, wherever they may be, to make positive change right on their doorsteps.
Local is a creative placemaking arts organisation who work with communities to deliver world-class arts projects, programmes and experiences. We look out as well as in, by partnering with neighbours and international communities to celebrate what's great about a place, bringing in fresh thinking and new collaborations. Together we shape places that are more relevant, accessible and sustainable for the future.
Local projects for everyone.

Global Grooves
Global Grooves is a National Portfolio Organisation which uses inspirational carnival arts practice to increase community capacity, boost cultural engagement and bring people together to celebrate their shared spaces and stories. Led by a diverse team of artists who have studied carnival practice across 5 continents, Global Grooves has spent 10 years developing networks of local artists, leaders, organisations and community assets, with a focus on Oldham and Tameside. 

Action Together
At Action Together we know that people can make things happen because we see it everyday. Across Oldham, Rochdale and Tameside, there are thousands of people changing lives, improving neighbourhoods and contributing positively to our local area. Offering a range of support to strengthen communities, Action Together believes that by learning together, sharing skills and pooling resources we can get more done. 

Sarah England School of Dance
Sarah England has been teaching dance for over 25 years. She built Sarah England School of Dance starting with 5 baby ballerinas in 2004 and now has over 200 students aged 3 years – 72! Sarah is driven to provide opportunities for all her students regardless of age or dance ability focussing on building a love for the arts whilst providing quality training. Sarah’s dream for the future is for Stalybridge to build its own community creative arts provision and have a community artisan theatre space where members of the town can work together and create together. 

Industry is a new co-working experience in Stalybridge, bringing together work and wellness in total harmony and providing a shared space to create, connect and collaborate.
This neighbourhood workspace is combined with hair and beauty services and has been thoughtfully designed to suit the changing lifestyles of the surrounding community. Industry supports those who seek flexibility and a sense of belonging in their local community with a contemporary and welcoming place to work, rest and play. The future of work is on your doorstep! Industry is the primary host and driver of The Bridge’s networks.

If you want to get involved in The Bridge as an active consortium member or in our wider networks, then get in touch!
Email us at or fill out the form below.
Thank you!
Why does The Bridge need you?
We are at the start of a wonderful journey to establish The Bridge as the arts organisation that unites Stalybridge’s artisans and creatives under a shared and powerful vision. We need the skills and support of our community to create something brilliant together.

Why does Stalybridge need The Bridge?
The Bridge will work with you, our community, the local authority and partners from across the region and beyond to connect with and complement the wonderful opportunities Stalybridge has been given in recent years and going forward. 

The Heritage Action Zone, Town of Culture Award and Levelling Up successes will all act as catalysts for a new era of local prosperity and we believe that platforming and articulating Stalybridge’s culture and creativity will attract further investment and kick start a culture led regeneration of the town, that will have lasting impact for future generations!

We aim to:
Strengthen the cultural infrastructure in Stalybridge, engaging local artists, arts organisations and cultural groups to create access to skills and training, increase artistic ambition and aspirations.
Embed a creative engagement, research and evaluation approach. 
Utilise empty buildings and hidden spaces in the HAZ area and beyond. 
Build on the legacy and projects initiated during Town of Culture 2022 and empower the local community and talented outsiders alike to produce new commissions that encourage new ways of seeing and creating space for dialogue in our town.
Offer mentoring, support and networks that unite and embolden our creatives and artisans to promote their place and practice in new and innovative ways.
Consolidate as a group, bringing in the skills and expertise that will make for a sustainable and exciting arts organisation that serves and celebrates everything cultural in Stalybridge!
Help us make it happen!
If you’re interested in what we have to say, then chances are, we need you! So get in touch!
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